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Kodachadri Trek


Bengaluru, July 03 (UITV) - Kodachadri is a mountain peak in the western ghats located in the Shimoga district of the Karnataka state. The mountain is covered with a green lush and is surrounded by the dense forest which makes it’s surrounding visible as green and attractive. The forest and mountain has an elevation of 1,343 meters above the mean sea level and is 13th highest peak of Karnataka and is declared as the natural heritage site by the Government of Karnataka.

The name Koadchadri is derived from the local word 'Kodacha' which means Kutaja flowers, and 'Adri' which means mountain in Sanskrit. The mountain peak is located about 20 km from the famous Mookambika temple in Kollur. The full trek will be up to 15 km and a half trek of 5 km. There are restrictions on timings imposed by the Forest Department with the concern of threats arising due to wildlife and monsoon. Sagara, Hosanagara, and Byndoor are the border areas of the Kodachadri region. Kodachadri is covered by Shola forests along with nearby hills and most of the time the place remains cool since the nearby forests are tropical rain forests.

There are two ways to go on the top of the peak either by Jeep or by walk. Prior to 3 km from the top, there is no road for the jeep to move, from here everyone has to talk a walk through a narrow path. At the top there is an iron pillar erected near the temple of about 40 feet height, devotees believe that the pillar is Trishul, a kind of weapon which was used by Goddess Mookambika to destroy Mookasura, a demon.

As a part of western ghats, Kodachdri is home to flora and fauna, it is considered as a biodiversity hotspot as it is situated in the middle of Mookambika National Park. Millions of the endangered species of flora and fauna reside here, the important animals are Malabar monkeys, Malabar grey hornbill, Indian tiger, Indian elephant, Indian rock python, Indian leopard, Malabar pied hornbill, paradise flycatcher, hyena, gaur. Other than flora and fauna, Kadachadri is also rich in minerals, it was discovered in the 20th century that the Kodachadri soil is rich in iron ore but the commercial establishment on mines is not allowed in order to protect the forest and wildlife which is also opposed by the local peoples and several non-profit organizations.

Famous Spots to visit on Kodachadri peak:

  • Sunset Point
  • Hidlumane Falls
  • Shankara Peetham
  • Ganapati Cave
  • Chitramoola

*Most of the places have restrictions for travel and timings by the Forest Department. It is necessary to take permission and guidance before entering the restricted places due to the concern of threat.

Sarvajna peetha, Ganesha Guha, Iron Pillar, Hidlumane Falls, Arasinagundi falls, Belakallu theertha, Nagara fort are some other places to visit in Kodachadri.

How to reach Kodachadri:

  • Located 285 km from the capital city Bengaluru. Public transports are available to reach the nearest Nagodi village in Hosanagara taluk.
  • Located 110 km from Udupi, which usually takes 3 hours to travel in public transport vehicles.

Nearby places to Kodachadri:

  • Shimoga (about 115 km)
  • Udupi (about 110 km)
  • Mangaluru (about 165 km)

By Shashikant Chaurasia