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Kolkata-The city of joy

"City of joy"

CALCUTTA, ,JULY 12, (UITV): Kolkata was the capital of India during British emperor. Long known as the cultural capital of India, Kolkata continues to create  generations of poets, writers, film producers and Nobel Prize winners.If you want to have a memorable trip to India then undoubtedly consider placing Kolkata on your tour.

History: Kolkata’s history is closely related to the British East India Company, which first arrived in 1690, and to British India, of which Calcutta became the capital of in 1772. Job Charnock was widely known as the founder of Calcutta (Sutanuti, Govindapur & Calcutta) but in recent years a number of Indian historians have disputed this claim, arguing that Calcutta occupies the site of an older Indian city, centered around the ancient Kali temple at Kalighat. This claim has been accepted by the Kolkata High Court.

How to reach: It is easily easy-going by air and is also well linked to other parts of the country by railways and roads.

Best Places to visit-Indian Museum: Largest museum in Asia and the oldest in Asia Pacific region, you can have a close meeting  with Egyptian mummies, dinosaurs’ fossils. It has been established by the Asiatic Society of Bengal; the Indian Museum is the oldest and the largest multi-purpose museum in the entire Asia-Pacific region of the world. The collection at the museum is so amazing that it is often regarded as the “Jadu Ghar” or the house of magic by the locals.


Victoria Memorial:Lord Curzon’s brainchild as a memorial to the Empress of India and Queen of the United Kingdom, Queen Victoria after her death in 1901, the Victoria Memorial was modelled on the Taj Mahal and was commissioned in 1906. The memorial holds numerous paintings of the British royal family, miniature paintings of the Mughal School, oil paintings of the Company School, historical artefacts like the throne of the Nawab of Bengal, many lithographs and documents of historical interest, and various post-Raj artefacts significant in the history of Kolkata (added to the collection after independence). The memorial is set in extensive and beautiful lawns, and is lit up at night. A laser audio-visual show is held on the lawns every evening. ‘Nike’, the Greek Goddess of victory, on the top of the museum is said to be haunted, and has been prominently featured in many Kolkata stories and novels. It is regarded with pride and joy in Kolkata and colloquially referred to as the “Victoria”.

Science City: A complex near the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass featuring a lot of interactive science and live bioscience exhibits and Kolkata’s first OMNIMAX theatre.

Howrah Bridge: This bridge will make you fall in love with the city even more. Any kind of photoshoot, photography is not allowed on the bridge.  The other bridge, Vidyasagar Sethu is more wider and longer.


Kalighat Kali Temple: Kolkata’s  Hindu temple, dedicated to the Goddess Kali and is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas.Kalighat was a Ghat sacred to Kali on the old course of the Hooghly rive in the city of kolkata. The name Calcutta is said to have been derived from the word Kalighat.

There are also many other places Eden Garden stadium , Chowringhee road, Birla planetarium , Birla temple, Indian Botanical Garden , Nicco Park , Maidan Central East , College street , Sri Aurbindo Bhawan , Marble Palace, Esplanade,Fort William , St. Pauls Church and many more.