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LATEST NEWS -India opens new visa centres in South Africa

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Now the South Africans who want to come to India as tourists, businessmen and beaurecrats. A dedicated office will be setup in Johannesburg by the international company, VFS Global.

This has been setup in the South Africa’s biggest city and also close to Indian High commission, so that they can provide visas in a smooth and simple process.

The goal is to bring it down to less that 20 minutes. Again striking on the fact that no hidden charges will be applicable to that.

The Indian high commissioner was in all praises for the move. It is most useful to the Indian national and the non resident Indians who can get visas easily to South Africa, considering the demographic dividend of the country like India, said Ghanshyam the Indian High commissioner to SA.

VFS Global has invested in the visa service portal for the first time representing government of India, VFS Global offers such cousular and visa service representing the government in more than 10 countries.

The company is present in 43 centres.

The high commissioner also mentioned that he wanted the process to be smooth and wanted to send back all the people who come here for business and have a pleasant stay and then leave.

So Indian visas to the South African nationals are issued free of charge because of the bilateral agreement between both the Indian and SA governments. And the new office that is set up is exclusively for visas and consular services.

And for the people who know about visas and travel frequently, the service charge of R117 is present for each application.

The people who travel frequently to India from SA were satisfied with the technological facilities and high security that is offered for the clients.

Not to worry for the clients as all application will be verified by the consulate general of India in Johannesburg.

India is the first country where VFS Global has setup its passport, visa and consular services, almost 15 years ago.

The key features of the centres include:

* Conveniently located and easily accessible visa application centres

* Longer operating hours allowing applicants to visit at a time of their convenience

* Convenient and spacious waiting areas with modern facilities

* Professional and responsive staff dedicated to handle visa queries and applications

* Dedicated website for easy access to information including visa categories, requirements, checklist and applicable fees

* Dedicated call centres and email support to answer queries and status of application

* 100 percent secure handling of passports, documents and personal information

* Tracking of application status

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