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The lesser known distingusihed Woman Mathematician serves as an inspiration to the aspiring Younger Genex

Bangalore, March 08 (UITV): Examination fever has already gripped all the students across india and world. especially in India, along with the CBSE board examinations the state borad exams are also going on.
Most students across the globe are scared of one subject, 'Mathematics'. especially Female students who are considered to have a bent towards arts subjects like Literature and history.

But now when International Women’s Day 2019 is comes at a time when women around the world are trying to regain control around the world, and make themselves heard. After the #MeToo campaign and failed US Presidential bid from Hillary Clinton, a record number of women got elected to the US House of Congress, and a record number of women have entered the 2020 Presidential race. There are women speaking up against the pay disparity among tech companies while women are running the biggest financial institutions in the world. So let us remember a woman Olga Ladyzhenskaya a Russian and an excellent mathematician and most importantly is amongst the very few women who triumphed over personal tragedy and obstacles to become one of the most influential thinkers of her generation.

Born one day before International Women's day that is 07th march 1922, Olga Ladyzhenskaya The author of more than 250 papersis remembered for her doctoral contribution in  dissertation on finite difference methods for linear and the quasilinear hyperbolic systems of partial differential equations that led to several developments in the study of fluid dynamics and paved the way for advances in weather forecasting, oceanography, aerodynamics, and cardiovascular science. .She received the Lomonosov Gold Medal in 2002.The award is given out to those who make “outstanding achievements in the natural sciences and the humanities.”Olga Ladyzhenskaya was also on the shortlist for potential recipients for the reputed Fields Medal in 1958, but lost out to the German mathematician Klaus Roth and French mathematician Rene Thom.She was a student of the famous Soviet mathematician Ivan Petrovsky. Google Doodle paid homage to her on her 97th birthday reminding the world of her immense contribution to the modern generation.

Ladyzhenskaya credited her passion and inspiring love for mathematics to her father, who was a mathematics teacher. After the fall of USSR her father, Aleksandr Ivanovich Ladýzhenski, got arrested in 1937 by the NKVD an interior ministy of Stalinist authorities and executed as an "enemy of the people". Olga was only 15year old that time and after the execution of her father the family had to run from one town to another for saving themselves while facing a mountain of Financial adversities. Ladyzhenskaya completed high school in 1939, but despite her exceptional grades,she was denied admission,due to her father's status into the Leningrad University, which is the oldest and one of the largest universities in Russia. She tried in many other universities but was denied admission even there. She finally got admission in Moscow University that too after a lot of difficulty. Ladyzhenskaya graduated in 1947 and presented her doctoral thesis in 1953. She went on to teach at the university in Leningrad Univeristy and at the Steklov Institute after she got a second chance in the leningrad from where she earned her doctorate, post the death of then Premier of the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin in 1952. After 1959, she became a fellow at the Mathematical society of St. Petersburg  Ladyzhenskaya served as the vice president of the Leningrad Mathematical Society from 1959 to 1965 and from 1970 to 1990. She was eventually elected president, and ran the society for an additional eight years between 1990 and 1998.