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Lombok, for a blissful experience

Lombok island, Indonesia

Mataram, Jan 19 (UITV) - Lombok is one of the blissful islands of Indonesia, tourists can enjoy trekking, surfing, partying, fishing and many more activities.

Mount Rinjani
There are many highlights in the Lombok!, Mount Rinjani is one of them. Mount Rinjani is the second highest volcano of Indonesia serving as trekking place since many years. One can witness an amazing view at peak of the Rinjani mountain.

Lombok turtle snorkeling
Beautiful beaches lure tourists to have fun & adventurous activities, bays, reefs and rocky inlets provides the greatest number of chances to have amazing experience.

Traditional Ceremony in Lombok

The local Sasak culture is very friendly, sasak people run small businesses and hotels around the island. They are comprised of 85% of the total population of Lombok.

Gili islands

Gili islands, these isles are famous for their diversity and abundance of marine life that finds its home in the extensive coral waters that surround each of the them. Clear water, beautiful coral, many varieties of coloured fish are few more advantages to these islands.

Water falls

There are many waterfalls in the island, tourists can enjoy pleasurably by having dips in those water sources. Pusuk Monkey Forest is a best place to view wild monkeys, people can feed the hungry and annoying monkeys at the view points if you like.

Lombok is a must-visit place when you are exploring the content of Indonesia.