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Looks what’s Famous in Canada: Punjabi Music

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Yes this news is true. The  main reason is because of the Punjabi population in Canada. The number of Punjabis has significantly increased in Canada, this is proved the number of Punjabi politicians that are there in PM Justin’s cabinet.

The most famous rapper Raftaar, applauded the growing culture of Punjabi music in Canada, mainly owing to the population genre.

Everyone must have heard of the song “Kala Chasma”, which went viral and made a lot of buzz. Many Indian-Punjabi rappers went in the main frame and made a name for themselves like

Folk hop artiste Jaz Dhami is all praise for Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau for his contribution towards Indian culture. "It's great what Trudeau has done. He is promoting Indian culture and Punjabi music, by extension, which anyway has a great following. This is one leader who understands the importance of Punjabi music in his country's music space."

It is very important for all the Indians and the Diaspora to understand the history of Punjabi music. The Singer from Punjab “Dilbagh Singh” who said that folk culture of Punjabis is well celebrated in Canada region.

And the Indian parents who have migrated to Canada, want their kids to get to know about the Punjabi and Indian culture in terms on music and art and keep it alive.

Singer Singh added that there is growing popularity of the Punjabi culture is because of the social media sites like Youtube, facebook etc.

He was amazed with the technology by saying that if he uploads the video in India and that can be viewed in another part of the world in five minutes. Yes internet technology has revolutionized the world.

It is the growing presence of the online presence today. All the Punjab artists agree to the fact that the number of likes on facebook, youtube, twitter, Instagram etc. If there is no online presence then it is a complete disaster for the artists today and all the report card is given over on the social media and it is for everyone to see.

Rapper Singh says that like other forms of art, people working in music don’t get the royalty and the money mainly lies in live shows. The singer said the he does about 10 to 15 shows during the wedding season.  

He said that the Punjabi singers have the market open only in north India and the other parts of India does get some attention to him, like in the places of Chennai, Hyderabad and Bengal.

There is large chunk of the population in India which swing their heads to the tadka music of the Punjabi song, but the foreign nationals who are Punjabis are more into the folk part of the culture.

The Punjabis in Canada want their kids to learn about the culture through the music and they don’t see this as pure form of entertainment said the Punjabi rapper.

The real test of Punjabi music now is to break into Hollywood, says singer Manj Musik. "It might take another 10 years or more. But that's when I will say Punjabi music has become truly global," says Musik.

So if you’re the reader of this articles and know the Punjabi music  flavour, you would understand the market structure. The basic camouflage is that money is not available in online videos or recording or royalty. The large chuck of the ‘paisa’ lies in live shows.

So get ready to pay more for live entertainment shows, because as per the pricing rule in the market, the price is not fixed on the expenses incurred by the production team, but by the money that the customer can pay!.

That’s why there is a difference between a roadside coffee which is Rs and a CCD coffee which is Rs 150!