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"Lost City" - Ciudad Perdida – Have you been here?

International visitors in Ciudad Perdida. This place is very good to visit

Colombia. March 14. UITV. It is also known as Teyuna and Buritaca.It was discovered in 1972 When a group of local treasure looters found a series of  stone steps towards mountainside and that route leaded them to abandoned city which they named "green hell" or "wide set".

In 1976, Archaeologists headed by the director of the Instituto Colombiano de Antropologia reached the site and completed construction work which was in pending till then between 1976 - 1982.

Members of local tribes—the Arhuaco, the Koguis and the Wiwas—have stated that they visited the site regularly before it was widely appeared to world, but had kept quiet about it.

They call the city Teyuna and believe it was the heart of a network of villages inhabited by their forebears(ancestors), the Tairona. Ciudad Perdida was probably the region's political and manufacturing center on the Buritaca River and may have housed 2,000 to 8,000 people. It was apparently abandoned during the Spanish conquest(control of a place or people by military force).

Hill top view


There was a conflict between Colombian National Army  in the right wing and the left wing is of guerrilla(a member of a small independent group taking part in irregular fighting) groups like National Liberation Army (ELN) and Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

On September 15, 2003, ELN kidnapped eight foreign tourists visiting Ciudad Perdida, demanding a government investigation into human rights abuses in exchange for their hostages. ELN released the last of the hostages three months later. The United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC), the paramilitary right-wing groups in that country, continued attacking aborigines and non-aborigines in the zone for a while.

Local tribes in Ciudad Perdida

Now, It is free from all those conflicts.The Colombian army actively patrols the area for better protection of visitors. Tourist hikes(walk for a long distance)  became operational again and there have been no problems since then.

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