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Luv Kush Ramlila

Ramlila in New Delhi

Lav Kush Ramlila Committee has achieved the recognition as the favorite organization in Delhi. It has also achieved the best Ramlila committee award in the central zone conferred by the Nav Bharat Times.

Apart from organizing Ramlila, a mela or fair is also organized in the same premise. In addition, other stage programs, like, Kavi Sammelan, Keertan of Khatu Shyam Baba, program of Baba Satnarain Mouryaare also organized during the event. Fire Works Competition is held followed by prize distribution.

Religious personalities like Baba Ramdev, Shri Sudhanshu Maharaj, Shri Ashutoshji Maharaj of Divyojyoti Jagriti Mission and their disciples also address the audience and impressing everybody with their divine thoughts.