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Madeira, Portugal's best tourist spot

Madeira, Portugal

Funchal, Jan 30 (UITV) - Madeira is a beautiful archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean, southwest of Portugal. Natural scenery, with massive mountains, jagged cliffs, lush forests and delightful flower gardens of Madeira will blow your mind.
From mountain hiking to history stuff, Madeira offers all types of activities to tourists. Tourists would love to spend time by exploring the coastline of majestic cliffs, pebbled beaches and natural rock pools.

Jet skiing
Sailing, fishing, whale & dolphin spotting, water skiing, Surfing, diving and of course swimming are most common activities carried out in the sea. Madeira also offers Levada walks which are best opportunities to get in tune with the nature.

Flower gardens
It is also known as 'floating garden in the Atlantic' due to its natural beauty. There are variety of gardens and parks present in the island which are maintained carefully, these places are serving as homes for vast array of flowers, plants and trees.

Levada walks
Madeira is presently one the best locations in the E.U. for companies with operations in the single market and worldwide. In the recent years, flow of tourists has been increased and it is becoming a place which is suitable for tourists of all ages.

Video courtesy - Expedia (YOUTUBE)