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Magnetic hill – The magical mountains of Ladakh

Magnetic hills

LADAKH, JAN 18, (UITV): Ladakh... A heaven on earth... Ladakh is everyone's top priority destination. This place is legendary for its craggy terrain which makes its most difficult motorable road. Ladakh is renowned for its divine culture and history. it's one among the foremost sparsely populated region in Jammu and Kashmir and its culture, history is closely associated with that of Tibet. Ladakh is additionally referred to as the Buddhist Kingdom, you'll find many marvelous and architecturally stunning monasteries which can leave you highly impressed. Ladakh is legendary for its tranquility and spirituality where people are available an inquiry of peace of mind. Even adventure junkies come to unleash true adventurer within them.

Ladakh is blessed Mother Nature; one can feel that love during this territory. Spectacular scenes of valley, tall cloud-capped mountains, breathtaking landscape, serene water all this makes Ladakh an ideal destination for your holidays.

Can you ever imagine a vehicle moving up a steep hill with the ignition off? Sounds astonishing? The Magnetic Hill is found near Leh in beautiful Ladakh, at a height of 11,000 feet above water level and is understood to possess strong magnetic properties that have the strength to tug cars uphill.

Magnetic hill is one of the famous offbeat destinations of India. it's just the optical phenomenon effect and there's no magnetic disturbance in the least. This self-profound magnetic hill is one among the favored stops for domestic tourists to experience nature’s mysterious ways.