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Malana- India's foremost kept secret of ''Little Greece Village''

The bed of best intoxicating ''Malana Cream''

Malana (Himachal Pradesh), April 10 (UITV): India has a exchequer of enthralling places. These places have diverse traditions, cultures and heritages.
We know a few ton of such mainstream places, however a number of the not-so common places are gift taciturnly altogether their glory.
One such place is Malana.
Lurking in the North east Kullu range, Malana is completely isolated from the monotony of India's city culture. This remote village is mainly known for it's charas, and has over time drawn hashish lovers from all over the world. But Malana is so much more than that.
The untold story of Malana is maybe one in every of the simplest unbroken secrets of the country.
That is what makes it is so alluring.

Even in the time of technology and globalization, the village is untouched by the dreary of the popular. Malana is one of the aged standing democracies of the world, with the small village managing it's own affairs even today.
This primitive land shaded by the majestic peaks of Chandrakhani and Deotibba has forever been kind to tourists, acutely and silently protecting it's own culture.
When in Malana, be sure not to touch the walls or belongings of the natives unless you want a fine imposed.
insane as that may sound, they don't even eat food cooked by a non-native.
The Malanese people believe that they are descendants of Alexander and their rituals involving purity and pollution are as stringent as their faith.
Unlike the rest of India, the village of Malana has its own religious beliefs.
Apart from their timeless religion in Shiva , they believe in their Devta , Jamlu Rishi.
It is said that the sage from the Puranas once inhabited the land and laid the foundation of the democracy, which still works as a completely functional parliamentary system.

The Malanese resolve conflicts based on the death of lambs

The Malanese are people of faith which is clear with one look at their judicial system.
In no means sensible, the judiciary of Malana contrasts itself from the Indian scheme.
When there is an imminent decision to solve a conflict, t hey cut the right foreleg of each lamb one and a half inch deep, stuff it with poison
and sew it back with the assistance of needle and thread.
The person whose lamb dies 1st is silent to lose the judgement.
It is believed that the choice is taken by their Devta .

The folks here believe that the mountains make their own rules.

The importance of faith is really important to these people, which is why they still ask their Devta who to vote for.
The entire village votes for the person chosen by their supernatural being.
The deity’s spokesperson is called “Gur” . It is believed that Jamblu Devta either comes into the body of the spokesperson to make people know of his decision or the spokesperson dreams about it.
Malana attracts folks from world over due to their quality soft drug.
But many are not aware that it was mostly used for medical purposes back in the day when it was first found.
Eventually, folks accomplished the art of rubbing cannabis leaves and manufacturing world- category charas .

                                         Women taking out Malana creams

Now the planet is aware of of the sweet pleasures of the Anapurna depression.
Malana cream has won the simplest soft drug title twice, in 1994 and 1996, at High Times magazine’s Cannabis Cup.
The village may be a stoners paradise branded in travel and ganja-hunting literature because the exotic and beguiling “ Malana and therefore the Magic depression.”

No matter the popularity, the village remains established in faith and customs. Since the age of the Beatles, Parvati has been the summer home for many hippies, and the enigma of the hills never fail to lure us even today.
Perhaps, that's why everyone keeps coming back. Here, it's not about 5 star-meals and shopping in fancy malls, because the Parvati desires you to traverse it's puzzles!