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Malaysia’s Ramalingam is country’s stamp authority

G Ramalingam (L) and Mohammed Jun Idris (R)

Kuala Lumpur, Oct 13 (UITV)- A man, hunched over some artwork, looks through a magnifier and examines the images of a Clouded Leopard. Raising his head, he senses that something isn’t right.

This, in essence, is what happened when G. Ramalingam (better known among friends and associates as Rama) oversaw the process that resulted in a series of stamps on the Clouded Leopard. And, although he retired as Deputy Director of Pos Malaysia (Malaysian Post) 18 years, his services are still sought after by stamp authorities.

Helping Malaysia celebrate World Postal Day with aplomb on October 9 this year was Rama, who collaborated with his close friend of 37 years, Mohammed Jun Idris, to produce a stamp that would be seen across the world.

The eyes of 73-year-old grandfather of two lights up when he shares: “There are four types of stamps. The first is Definitive Stamps which are issued once every five years or so. Then, there are Commemorative Stamps to celebrate important national and international events. There are also Thematic Stamps which are normally for flora and fauna. The last are Revenue Stamps.”

Rama and Jun are examples of Malaysians of different ethnic origin working together in this multireligious, multicultural nation. While Jun is a Malay, Rama is one of the 2.1 million Indians who settled in Malaysia during the British era.

The two worked for several months to select from the huge album of stamps issued by Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei and produce the winner for World Postal Day.