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Malaysian Indian Santesh became famous by his Malay song

Santesh Kumar Sukumaran

Kuala Lumpur, Feb 05 (UITV) - Malaysia-born Santesh Kumar Sukumaran has become famous by his Tamil and Malay songs in Malaysia and neighboring countries.  Amalina, a multiracial appeal song has brought him several awards.

The video song has got 25 million hits on YouTube; an organization which supports local Indian artists has awarded him with an award for the most prominent male singer.

Santesh's father was an artist and played in several bands, his father used to take Santesh to all his performances after the age of six. In this way, he was introduced to music.

Santesh has 11 siblings, he and other three were also interested in music. So, his father supported them with a home studio where they practiced singing and playing instruments.

Slowly, he entered into music industry. In 2011, he reached grand final in Vaanavil Superstar which is a popular local Tamil singing competition. His first solo album was ‘Silap Kahwin’ in 2014.

After that, he gained good popularity in people through his album songs. His songs reached millions of people through online with countless downloads, streams on Spotify and sales of his songs as ringtones.

Currently, Santesh is working on his next song Maimunah. His expectations are more on it, “I can confirm, 100 per cent, that music lovers will enjoy it,” said Santesh in a news report.

Amalina song (Video courtesy - MVM MUSIC from YouTube)