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Maria Menounos was seeing double after the brain operation

Maria Menounos

Los Angeles, Dec 11 (UITV/IANS): On what she calls the "six month anniversary" of her brain tumour surgery, actress Maria Menounos says she was seeing double after the operation.

Menounus shared a video of herself on Instagram, and she is seen lying on a hospital bed.

She said the video was taken just one day after she underwent the surgery in June, reports dailymail.co.uk.

"This video was taken 24 hours after my brain surgery. I still can't believe that you can eat and speak normally so soon after," the 39-year-old wrote alongside the video in which her friend Alyssa helped feed her as she lay in her hospital bed.

"It was hard to keep my eyes open because I was seeing double at this point. I've received so many messages from people saying that my story has helped them, and on my six month anniversary, I wanted to share this so if you are about to go through this you can see with your own eyes what it can be like.

"Everyone is different... But if I can ease your fears a bit, I would like to," she added.