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Mauritius International Trade Expo 2014 -UiTV Exclusive Report

          MAITEX 2014 defines Mauritius International Trade Expo . It is a holistic home and lifestyle event .
                     The 3rd edition of  MAITEX 2014 was officially launched by Cader Sayed-Hossen, Minister of Commerce, this Thursday, August 21 at the center Swami Vivekananda at Straws.
                     This event not only boom  economic growth of Mauritius but will also help business units from around the world to gain newer insights into the changing face of the global economy.
                    Exhibitors who are present in Mauritius International Trade Expo belong to wide range of industries. There industrial background vary from artisans, real estate developers, entrepreneurs, importers, exports, traders, wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers. They have displayed products of wide range which include furniture, carpets, handcrafted gift items, leather goods and accessories, kitchen items, home dcor goods, electrical and electronic appliances, health and fitness items, food products, fashion and beauty products and such others.
                        Mauritian jewellery is spotlight of MAITEX 2014 exhibition.During the first day of MAITEX 2014 the main show was Tropical Radiance. A presentation of the most beautiful pieces of Mauritian jewellery . The Mauritius Rum Festival and Exporters Awards 2014 will also take place during MAITEX 2014 .
According to sources more than 300 foreign investors visited MAITEX 2014 and share there opinion and applaud the local expert. Enterprise Mauritius who bring local products under one platform. More than 800 producers of  Jewellery, textiles, food processing, medical and paramedical  products, glasses, building materials, etc comes under one platform. MAITEX gives an opportunity for a large number of manufacturer  to internationalize their business.
                          Mauritius is also one of the world's top luxury tourism destinations and global tourist hotspot. It possesses a wide range of natural and man-made attractions.It enjoys a tropical climate with clear warm sea waters, attractive beaches, tropical fauna and flora.A multi-ethnic and cultural population that is friendly and welcoming. These tourism assets are its main strength . They are backed up
by well-designed and run hotels, and reliable and operational services and infrastructures. Mauritius received the World Leading island Destination award for the third time .Also it received World's Best Beach at the World Travel Awards in January 2012.

During UiTV exclusive Interviews

UiTV Reporter -Africa is on a rise this plenty of oppportunities in the region, what is government trying to do to promote export in the region and also in mainland Africa?
Cader Sayed-Hossen, Minister of Commerce of Mauritius

"Mauritian exhibit there products such as " textiles, agribusiness, engineering, jewelery and luxury industry which is the main pillars of the Mauritian economy . Africa is on the rise and we believe we are part of Africa first of all.Now we are not in the mainland but we are for all intention purposes part of Africa and we are active participants in everything which is African . Especially the public institution that in our Africa and the PM has introduced few years ago what he has called the Africa strategy and this consist of physical and non physical measures to encourage companies in Mauritius and outside Mauritius, to use Mauritius as a base to Africa for all services or trading services or IT and for the export of industrial goods."

James Ndungu MUREU-Chairman of KNCCI

UiTV Reporter - Tell what is this KNCCI?

James Ndungu MUREU -Thank you very much ! KNCCI stands for Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & Industry .I chair the Mumbasa county chamber. I also sit in the East African Chamber of Commerce industry .So i am here for finding a mission with a group of about 50 Kenyan Businessman who are all over the place,I have come across all over them, yeah so we are here, this is the first time to Mauritius.Very excited about what we have seen.

Javin P Oza -Mozambique

UiTV Reporter - What is the opportunities between two countries Mauritius and Mozambique?

Javin P Oza - Mozambique is a part of SADC and Mauritius is also a part of SADC. So if Mauritian industries is a manufacturer goods gear of with good logistics affiliates and rates. I think opportunities are endless, because quality products here . I have been seeing it over last two three visits, there is lot of potential in trading between two countries.

Prof S B Hassan -CEO Investment and Marketing Pakistan

UiTV Reporter - What message do you have for Pakistani buyers, when they think of Mauritius as a place to business?

Prof S B Hassan - First of all I must thank u for providing me opportunity to speak on this occasion to void our audience. First thing I would like to say is that, this is the first big delegation that's come from Pakistan . Near about 17 people and various industries and businessman and media and this and that. Now the new consolidate has been created of Mauritius and Pakistan in Karachi, that has become very active. I as a person , when I landed in Mauritius, i felt i was landing in a country which is so green, beautiful and in a kind of environment so attractive. People back in Pakistan would be very much interested in knowing all the different details about Mauritius. We are trying to develop relationship between Pakistan and Mauritius in three different  levels .

Sohail Yasin Suleman - Pakistan

UiTV Reporter -What do you think all the prospectus of partnership between Mauritius and Pakistan?

It's always go to the opportunity and lot of potential, I'm sure. We started our trip yesterday and before that we started honestly assemble people trying to bring awareness . With this trip , I see lots of opportunities because the group we brought first time delegation of about 18 people come under my leadership. All comes from different work of life and they all so excited. This morning we had a meeting with DPM for 15 min plan then set for 1 hour, lots of interest in textile, detergent and other fmg products.