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Mauritius is a perfect place for investors


Port Luis, July, 8 (UITV): Mauritius is a investment destination of choice owing to its enviable democratic history. The African country’s sound infrastructure and organized banking system make the country a place of global investors. Not only that, Mauritius is a gate way of Africa.


Experts describe Mauritius as “Africa’s Singapore”. According to specialists, Mauritius is highly attractive jurisdiction to do business and which help expansion of business in Africa.


Coreen van der Merwe

The Managing Director of Sovereign Trust in South Africa, Coreen van der Merwe told, “Mauritius’ democratic history is underpinned by the rule of law formulated by an elected legislature, and administrated by an independent judiciary with the ultimate appellant body being the Queen’s Privy Council. This is a unique asset and provide essential comfort to investors and economic operators.”

Bank of Mauritius

The island country has its strong banking regulator in the Bank of Mauritius. It has a very much clear payment and settlement system that helps investors a lot.


Interestingly, GBC2 company is not tax resident in Mauritius. The information exchange between Mauritius and South Africa is bit high that is a advantage for investors, who want to invest on African countries. Mauritius is one of the just - on 100 signatory states that have committed to the automatic exchange of Information (AEOI).   


by Ujjainee Chakraborty