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Mel B shares update on Spice Girls reunion

Mel B

London, May 15 (UITV/IANS)- Singer Mel B has revealed what's going on with the Spice Girls reunion after meeting with the band members.

"They came over for dinner (Thursday) night. We are all planning on doing stuff so when we get it all set and decided then we will do an announcement," she told mirror.co.uk when asked about her getting together with her bandmates while she was in UK.

"But we have all signed back with Simon Fuller (their old manager), all five of us."

But does that mean the audience will definitely be seeing them live?

Mel B said: "Once we figure out exactly what we are going to be doing, yeah."

The 42-year-old also discussed whether she could see herself returning to "The X Factor" as a judge, or moving back to the UK from Los Angeles.

She said: "I love doing 'The X Factor' and I love the UK. So if that opportunity came up and I had time to do it, then yeah. I mean I come back here so often for work, my base is LA and my kids go to school in LA so, I've been there for most of (Phoenix's) childhood, 15 years."