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Melody and Purpose: Sairam Iyer in West Indies

Sairam Iyer wowed audience with his ability to sing in the male and female voice.

West Indies, May 4 (UITV) - Music is the voice of the human spirit and it is only few among the crowd who manages to pull the right string with their raags and rasas. Sairam Iyer has charmed people in India and across the globe with his incredible skill of effortlessly switching between male and female voices and has received accolades from musical heavyweights like Naushad, Laxmikant Pyarelal and Kalyanji Anandji.

Anil Biswas referred to him as the Eighth Wonder of the World. His ability to reproduce on stage, the magical voices of his idols, is undeniably impressive. In amazing solo performances, he can comfortably match the scintillating heights of Asha Bhosle with the unique flamboyance of the late Kishore Kumar. Sairam has graced more than 1500 stage shows the world over, majorly in India, US, South America, Canada, West Asia, West Indies and Far East. He  also had the honour of performing in presence of pop diva Madonna in Los Angeles in 1998.

Sairam began his vocal career recreating the top Bollywood female playback singers of the time. He has since moved into the playback arena and has the unique distinction of being the only male playback that can perform playback for a female actress as well. “Mastering dual-voice technique is initially pretty tough and it is only after several years of devoted retraining and fierce determination that I am what I am today.

“The difficult part came when I grew up and my voice started maturing into a manly one. I was neither able to do justice with either-male or female songs. With hours of practice, I rediscovered my earlier ability to sing in a female voice, but I believe this is a god gift,” he explained.

Coming from a family of artistes, Sairam considers Lata Mangeshkar as his true mentor

“My family has always encouraged me in my artistic pursuit. My father KVS Mani was a talented singer, dancer and actor and even my brothers used to sing well. I have learned classical music from eminent teachers like the late Pandit Ramesh Nadkarni and Pandit Shri Dhruva Ghosh at the Sangeet Mahabharati Institution.

“The melody queen Lata Mangeshkar has been my greatest mentor, even though I have just met her fleetingly and haven’t even had a chance to have a single musical discussion with her but her songs have always inspired me,” said he.

Sairam has done good amount of charity works for the earthquake victims and in the tsunami hit areas. He is involved in social work and as a professional singer contributes a lot to the industry and to the people he belongs to. Sairam was recently in the capital to promote Prime Minister’s key project Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao-Beti Khilao.

“The event is not about performing and walking away it’s more about interaction with people and spreading awareness among people that girls are the origin of human race and are nature’s precious gift and should be educated to strengthen the nation,” Sairam said.

About his future plans and collaboration the artiste mentioned, “I am looking forward to collaborate with Mahesh Ragvan where I give my voice to some of the most lovable retro songs and album is expected to be released in coming months.”