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Memories of Strahan will last a lifetime

Strahan, Australia

Strahan, 28 Nov (UITV) - Strahan is one of the wonderful tourist places in Tasmania, Australia. It is one of the most isolated (and beautiful) parts of Australia and lies on the edge of the unspoiled beauty of Macquarie Harbour.

Hogarth Falls

A pleasant mixture of natural forest and botanical gardens with picnic and camping facilities are available in the People Park, from there a path through rainforest and the trees will take us to Hogarth Falls. People who are interested in the botany must visit this place.

Water Tower Hill

Water Tower Hill offers an fantastic view over Macquarie Harbour and shows how small Strahan really is.

Ocean beach

The trip is incomplete, if tourists don't visit Ocean Beach. Huge waves from the ocean surely enthrall you, sunsets over the beach are beautiful.

Macquarie Harbour

Convicts lived and worked in Macquarie Harbour, Sarah Island to the Gordon River was common for them to row for cutting down huon pines and then return. Cruises offer trips to explore beautiful things in the area. Macquarie Harbour was a major west coast port to export silver and zinc from mining fields at Zeehan in the 1890s, on that time a lighthouse was constructed on Cape Sorell in 1899.

Sarah island

Convict ruins in the Sarah Island give a chilling insight into the cruelties of convict life and are especially unsettling given the overwhelming beauty of the surrounding wilderness.
There are many places like above in the Strahan, Tourists will surely enjoy the visit.