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Mohan Jaikaran’s WIN communication on verge of shutting down

Daughter of WIN TV founder Mohan Jaikara, Shantel Jaikaran (right) addresses the WIN TV audience. Photo: Trinidad Express

Trinidad, Feb 29 (UITV)- Less than a year after the death of media mogul Mohan Jaikaran, the company that he built is on the verge of shutting down. Jaikaran’s daughter, Shantel, and her mother, Indra made the announcement on its television station WINTV.

In the statement, Shantel Jaikaran gave no reason for the company’s trouble, but said that there was a possibility of losing their license from the Telecommunication Authority of Trinidad and Tobago, and that there were people who did not want the company to survive.

WIN Communication Limited launched on May 1, 2007, and offered programming mainly centered around East India culture. Jaikaran, 64, died on April 12in his home at Westmoorings after a long illness. He was the chairman and Chief Executive officer of WIN Communication Limited, and was a former deputy chairman of Caribbean Airlines.

The mother and daughter held hands as they appealed to the public to support them as they fight to save the company, Win Communication Limited. Shanted Jaikaran also appealed to their audience to join them in the bid to save the company.

Shantel Jaikaran said: “Win is on the brink of losing everything that has been built on the dreams and aspirations of my late father late Mohan Jaikaran, who was the one of the major icons of the promotion od East Indian culture for Trinidad and Tobago. We as a family since his passing have been haunted, hounded and harassed by certain people who for some reason don’t want this station to survive.”