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Molokai, The Friendly Isle in the Pacific

Molokai, Hawaii

Molokai, Aug-14-2018 (UITV)- Molokai is one of the most beautiful islands in Pacific ocean, it is the fifth largest island of eight major islands that make up the Hawaiian Island Chain.


Many historical settlements can be seen here, Molokai was first settled around AD 650 by indigenous peoples most likely from the Marquesas Islands. Captain James Cook recorded sighting Molokaʻi in 1778, who was the first European sailor to visit the island was Captain George Dixon of the British Royal Navy in 1786.

Leprosy colony

A colony in the island was reserved for Leprosy patients, once up on a time Eurasian diseases introduced to the Hawaiian islands by traders, sailors, workers and others who lived in societies where these diseases were endemic. Because of the islanders' lack of immunity to the new diseases, they suffered high rates of infection and death from smallpox, cholera and whooping cough, as well as leprosy. To control death rate, government established leper colony which was operated from 1866 to 1969.

Fish pond

Many Hawaiian engineering techniques had been implemented in the island. Hawaiian fishponds are the best preserved examples. When they were in use, a gate called a makaha would allow small fish to enter the pond and grow until they were not able to fit through the gate. These impressive examples of early aquaculture are regarded as ancient engineering marvels.

Sea cliffs

The island’s incredible sea cliffs are among the highest in the world, stretching 3,000 feet above sea level. Helicopter tour will be available for the visitors to see great sea cliffs and major waterfalls. The helicopter tour will be a breathtaking experience for visitors.


The reef off of Kumimi is the longest continuous fringing reef in the U.S., so the snorkeling is top-notch. Molokai waters are serving as home for rarest marine mammals in the world.
From lush rolling hills to tropical rain forests and white sand beaches without another soul in sight, visitors truly seeking peace and quiet will embrace the simple pleasures offered by this lovely island.