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Mount Abu Summer Festival

If you are a lover of music, art and culture, come to Mount Abu this summer to beat off the heat at the Summer Festival.

India, May 26 (Uitv) - The festival is held every year in the month of May on Buddha Purnima to celebrate the warmth and cheerfulness of the people of the hill station. Rajasthan Tourism, Municipal Board of Mt. Abu and District Administration jointly organize this extravaganza.

The festival kicks off with a ceremonial procession which starts from RTDC Hotel Shikhar, and is followed by the folk performances of Rajasthan and Gujarat.

The second and third day are more interesting as they bring out the adventurer in every tourist. 

Skating race, boat race, horse race, tug of war and panihari matka race along with CRPF band show, skaters’ show and Deepdan make the festival quite a success.

Mount Abu Summer Festival commences with the singing of a ballad which is followed by folk dances which mesmerize the spectators.

Summer festival in Mount Abu, a two-day festival is basically a feast of folk and classical music and it gives a vivid knowledge about the tribal life and culture of Rajasthan.

The Summer Festival, Mt.Abu is held every year during Buddha Poornima. The festival celebrates the warmth and cheerfulness of the people of hill station, their colorful life and vivacious nature.

The hospitality of the people, their lively culture and exotic location make this festival a memorable experience during your tours to Rajasthan. This festival is one of the most popular fairs and festivals of Rajasthan.

Video Source: Youtube