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Mount Ararat Eruption, Turkey

Mount Ararat Eruption

Mount Ararat is the highest mountain in Turkey which dominates the skyline which is utmost breathtaking  from Yereveran which is the Capital of Armenia.After the great flood arose,it is believed as the resting place of Noah’s Arc.Mount Ararat holds an important role in Armenian culture and its illusional eruption.

Mount Ararat ,which is popularly near Noah’s Arc is of 5165 meters height  which is the largest mountain in Turkey.It is located in Eastern Turkey’s Eastern Anatolia region on Iran borders of Armenia and  Nakchivan.This mountain rises to 17,000 feet from the plains which surround atleast  2000-3000 feet which is larger than any other mountain range in the world.It is situated between the Aras and Murat Rivers.