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Mummers Council, Village Turia

Mummers Council

The village of Touria is well-known as the native village of the patriarch of Bulgarian humor – the famous worldwide writer and artist Dimitar Chorbadjiiski – Chudomir.

What has been attracting the attention of the guests of the village for several years now is the rose gardens in the vicinity of Touria and the opportunity for participation in the rose picking ritual, which usually takes place in the end of May and the beginning of June, also the delicious home made cookies, yogurt, butter, the unique rose jam and syrup, the resonant bells of the Old men (Mummers) of Touria ringing in the village square, the horse-cart ride to the romantic village picnic site by the river, where the tourists will be served traditional Bulgarian dishes, home made salads, beans in pot, stuffed vine leaves, roasted meat, cheese pastry with yogurt, rose brandy, all of which accompanied by humorous scenes from Chudomir’s narratives.