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My song 'Shauq marran da' expresses hardships: Sabrina Sapal

Sabrina Sapal

Mumbai, Aug 13 (UITV/IANS) Singer Sabrina Sapal says her song "Shauq Marran Da" is about the hardships a person experiences in society, and also about the love for God.

"It is a song that expresses to the audience the hardships that a character experiences in society, and the love for God. Everyone who listens to the song will have their own interpretation of the song, which makes it so special," said Sabrina, who made her musical debut with the song.

The singer, baded in San-Diego, California, added: "It is up to the audience how they relate to the song personally. It makes me happy to know that people are loving my song and accepting me and my music in their life."