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National Mine Park of Tongren City, southwest China's Guizhou Province

National Mine Park of Tongren City

If you've ever wanted to walk next to a cliff-face then an aerial path in China will let you do just that.
But be prepared to suffer a little vertigo as the walkway in the National Mine Park of Tongren city, Guizhou province, has a glass bottom.
Built against the sheer drop of a mountain cliff, the sky walk is 100 metres from the bottom of the valley.
It was the first cliff skywalk in the province when it opened in October 2015 and allows visitors to fully experience the scenery in the area.
The structure is over 1,000 meters long and relatively roomy at 1.6 metres wide. It connects wooden sections of the walkway, which had previously been its place.
And while some visitors are more than happy to go right up to the edge before looking down, others are holding on tight to the rocks.