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Nelson's Dockyard in Antigua

Nelson's Dockyard

St. John's, Jan 10 (UITV) - Antigua is one of the major islands in Caribbean region, it is serving as a best tourist centre with luxurious hotels, amazing attractions and restaurants. Antigua's economy is reliant upon tourism, and it promotes the island as a luxury Caribbean escape.

Shirley Heights

This article is about Nelson’s Dockyard national park, it is one of the major attractions in Antigua. There are many sites and activities for visitors in this tourist centre, noticeable thing is the park preserves the area’s unique cultural heritage while meeting modern needs.

Dow's Hill Interpretation Centre

Originally it was developed as a base for the British Navy in 1725 and it is the only Georgian dockyard that still exists in the world. Currently it is regional yachting centre with a fine yacht marina and many facilities.

Dockyard Museum

Dockyard Museum, Dow’s Hill, Shirley Heights, Fort Charlotte, Fort George and Fort Berkeley are major attractions of national park. To witness the iconic image of Antigua, one must visit Shirley Heights offering spectacular view over English Harbour and Falmouth Harbour greets your eyes.

Fort James

Dow’s Hill is a best place to look back into the six ages of time that have shaped and formed air conditioned and comfortably seated arena. To know about the history of dockyard, Dockyard Museum is the best centre. There are iconic structures erected around the island which were constructed under strengthening of forts programme in 1780’s. So, visit this national park when you are Caribbean region.