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The new sensation: Milan Arun as ICC president from Qatar, Dubai

Mrs. Milan Arun is the lady hailing from Karanataka

She is multi-faceted, talented, gorgeous, skilled and has the charm to attract people and leave a lasting impression in business relationships. Now she has been elected as the president of the Indian Culture club, who is the most esteemed institute which looks after the concerns of people in Dubai.

At the end of her facilitation ceremony, she said that she will work closely with Indian Embassy in Dubai to take care of the issue, the Indian people are facing and work for a better stay and the ease of doing business between Dubai and India.

There was a elite peer group for her in the race for the office of the president. But Mrs.Milan Arun and her team made a clean sweep in the elections that was held in Ashoka Hall in Qatar on November 24.

As said, she made a clean sweep and the number proves it for her. 863 out of 1013 polled votes. This is the first time that a women has been the president of the Indian Culture centre, which is mainly run by the Embassy of India in Qatar.

About Mrs. Milan Arun

She is a self made women, who indeed a pride of all the working women in the region whot do so much for their families by contributing the same energy and dividing it equally for the society and family.

She has been that women who has performed exceptionally well, both in her personal and professional lves. No wonder her husband is very the moon for this magnificent achievement of hers!

She comes from a place called Mangalore in Karnataka and she is been one of the greatest, achieved expats of Indian community. She is perfect example for people for aspiring to make a name for themselves and serving their countrymen, like she has done.

Her work includes community service, social initiatives and awareness/ gender campaigns.  She has gained a wide popularity in the Indian Diaspora in the tiny oil rich country of Qatar.

As the nerves of the victory and the velocity of the adrenaline flow reduced, the queen of the hour spoke at the gathering and showed to gratitude to everyone.

She further added that it is this God given opportunity that she must capitalize on to serve the huge Indian expat working and living in Qatar.

She has been the office barrier of so many organizations that she has worked with, ehich involved serving the Indian expats.

The Positions that Mrs. Milan Arun has held:

  • Head of Sponsorship of Indian Benevolent Community Forum between 2012-2014.
  • Cultural Secretary of ICC for 2 terms of 3 years each.
  • Advisor, To many expat organizations
  • Ex-com member of several other organizations

She had made Indians proud and her works needs to be recognized. Lets together look forward to such further accomplishments of her.