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Nisha (Surinamese singer) signed a contract to serve in Bollywood

Nisha Madaran and Director Chandrakant Singh

Paramaribo, 27/Dec (UITV) - The Bollywood film director of ‘Kya Masti Kya Dhoom, Chandrakant Singh who is known for introducing newcomers was impressed by Nisha's “Vaishnav Jan To.”

Nisha Madaran, a thirty-year old Surinamese Diaspora started singing at age 16 in her family band. She is the first Surinamese to sign a Bollywood playback singing contract.

She speaks “Sarnami Hindustani” language which is a combination of Braj, Maithili, Awadhi and Bhojpuri. From 1873 to 1917, many Indian people migrated to Suriname due to Indian indentured system.

Noticeable point is, Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India has praised her on his Twitter account for her song “Vaishnav Jan To” which is “soulful” and “a must hear”.

The tweet has caught the attention of Chandrakant Singh, he told "I have not heard a voice like this before. I immediately called a colleague of mine in the Netherlands to make the contact. Coincidentally, Nisha was in the Netherlands for a concert. I flew to the Netherlands for a first interview. That is how the ball started rolling."

Nisha has a truthful heart; she wanted Suriname and the people of Suriname to get something substantial from the Bollywood playback singing contract. "I wanted to get something out of it for Suriname, namely the agreement that parts of the promotion and music videos could also be filmed in Suriname, or if he would also like to consider shooting one of his upcoming new films in Suriname and also whether there are also trainings can be brought to Suriname in his field so that our video and filmmakers in Suriname can be trained."

“Dream Girl” album made her a popular artist in Suriname and the Netherlands. It’s a good chance to Nisha for entertaining people of ancestral land.