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Norway, Hotspot for winter sports


With Disney officially announcing that a sequel is in the works for 2013 megahit Frozen, Norway’s glittering glaciers and fairytale fjords will soon be enchanting viewers all over again.The movie might not be due until 2018, but there’s no reason to wait that long! Not only is Norway renowned for its dramatic scenery, but it’s a hotspot for winter sports and activities, from snowshoeing and snowmobile rides, to husky sledding and cross-country skiing.

Head to the arctic town of Tromso, one of the best places in the world to witness nature’s dazzling lightshow—the Northern Lights. Alternatively, leave the tourist trail behind and embark on a trip to the remote Svalbard archipelago, which lies between Norway and the North Pole. Discovering the wild landscapes is a real adventure and you’ll have the rare opportunity to spot reindeer, arctic fox and the increasingly endangered polar bear in their native home.