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Oldest UK-based Indian diaspora body announces support for Lexit campaign

Photos of Bhagat Singh, BR Ambedkar and Kanhaiya Kumar at an event organised by the Indian Workers Association in London on Saturday. (HT Photo)

London, May 23 (UITV)- A Left-leaning political organization of UK-based Indians has announced its support for a movement named ‘Lexit’ or ‘Left Leave Campaign’, which pushes for Britain’s exit from the European Union during the June 23 referendum.

The Indian Workers Association (IWA), which was formed in 193, is a political organization in Great Britain which consists of Indian immigrants to Britain and their descendants. IWA branches are organized in some major cities such as Birmingham and London. Their activities include anti-racism campaigning, industrial action, social work within immigrant communities and film shows.

The Indian Workers Association announced its support for the Lexit campaign at an event in Southall on Saturday, which included tributes to leaders of the Indian Left such as HS Surjeet and AB Bardhan. The Lexit campaign argues Britain should vote to leave the EU because the EU has a big business agenda and it doesn’t defend workers.

Harsev Bains of the IWA said though the European Economic Community was formed 40 years ago with the aim of helping the movement of finance between its member states, it has yielded little benefit for ordinary working people in Britain, especially those from India.

“For us the borders still exist today. People from India still require one visa for Europe and a separate visa for UK. We get the worst of all worlds. Even in trading terms we recall last year’s embargo against the alphonso mangoes banned by Europe and applied to UK,” Bains said.