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Oman: The voting ballot issue

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Yes this news was reported from Muscat in  Oman. The Indian expat in oman were was curiulsy waiting for a court decision to come out. The Supreme court has further directed the case to central government and they should submit a report regarding a case by November ending.

It is the issue of the special voters who are nothing but the NRIs, who contribute a lot to the country’s growth.

The  NRIs should be given the status of ‘special voters’ and the Supreme court has asked the central government to set up a committee which will amend the ‘Representation of people act”

In the gulf corporation countries, around 6 million population of Indians are there. That is out of 30 million Indian Diaspora of Indians all around the world.

The Supreme court emphasised on forming a new committee by the government, which will consist of some professional and learned people who will look into this matter and submit a report to the apex court. After that the supreme court will ask for the raise of arguments by the oppositions lawyers and then the amendment will be made.

The Supreme court bench has asked the of file a status report by November 28.

Can’t the Indian staying outside the country vote? As they pay huge amount of taxes and they must get the permission to vote, which the fundamental right every Indian citizen.

NRIs pay around 25% of the total tax collection in a year. And they don’t get to choose their leader, that is  an awful state that out country will be in.

A person in Dubai, who holds an Indian passport will expressed his opinion in social media that the government should come up with a solution to this issue, as there are many like me whi face problems because of the payment of taxes and then not getting a chance to vote during the elections in India.

The sad fact is that the Supreme court has not given a deadline to government and they can take any amount of time to complete this work. In the meantime, they can even forget that was some issue raised over voting for the NRIs.

A senior official in the election commission of India, has noted that the laws abiding the principles of Secularism, they must look into the aspects of NRI voters.

To talk about history, the Representation of people’s act was amended to include the service personnel in the other countries to be part of the voting process.

The only option that is there today is that NRI should fly to India to cast their vote. But the solution to this problem is when e-vote comes in to the process and this is only possible by amending the existing law.


So in this process the election commission from that constituency will send that blank ballot paper in an email to the people and the citizen should reply back with his vote.

So the government had made this proposal long back and the procedure of e-ballot voting would be given to the Indian passport holders abroad under the guidance of the election commission of India.

The additional secretary went on further to comment on this point. He said the modalities and casualties will be looked into and then ways will looked up for its implementation.

So the issue has been raised form the great grievances being shown by the  Indian people in Oman and now the government and the supreme court has moved forward in implementing the amended rules within 1 months after they come to picture.

On the concluding point, the supreme court had ruled out of casting the online vote and also voting by giving their verdict in the Indian mission abroad.