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One of the world's smallest and most densely populated countries- Malta

Constitution of Malta provides for freedom of religion but establishes Roman Catholicism as the state religion.. Picture shows a glimpse of that

Europe. Arpril 1. UITV. The culture of Malta reflects various societies that have come into contact with the Maltese Islands throughout the centuries, including neighbouring Mediterranean cultures, and the cultures of the nations that ruled Malta for long periods of time prior to its independence in 1964.

The earliest inhabitants of the Maltese Islands are believed to have been Sicani from nearby Sicity who arrived on the island sometime before 5000 BC.

They grew cereals and raised domestic livestock and, in keeping with many other ancient Mediterranean cultures, formed a fertility cult represented in Malta by statuettes of unusually large proportions.

The culture of modern Malta has been described as a "rich pattern of traditions, beliefs and practices," which is the result of "a long process of adaptation, assimilation and cross fertilization of beliefs and usages drawn from various conflicting sources.

 The present-day legacy of this is linguistic rather than cultural. Malta shares the religious beliefs, traditions and ceremonies of its Sicilian and Southern European neighbors.

The Best that Malta has to Offer


Today, the Constitution of Malta provides for freedom of religion but establishes Roman Catholicism as the state religion. Freedom House and the World Factbook report that 98 percent of the Maltese profess Roman Catholicism as their religion, making Malta one of the most Catholic countries in the world. 

The long, warm summer nights of Malta lend themselves to a vibrant nightlife, which is at odds with Malta's traditional conservatism and the staunch Catholicism of older generations. 

Clubbing and pub-crawling – especially in the traffic-free zones of Paceville near St. Julian’s, and Bugibba – is a rite of passage for Maltese teenagers, young adults and crowds of tourists. 

A heavy meal includes pasta, meat and vegetables, and dessert or fruit. Occasionally, a small bowl of soup called minestrabegins the meal. Lampukipie is a seasonal pastry-covered fish casserole containing spinach, cauliflower, chestnuts, and sultanas. 

That the literacy rate is equal for males and females in Maltese society (88 percent) suggests that both genders use education in carrying out their assigned roles in society.

With it's relatively small size, Malta has one of the largest historical and cultural displays in the World.