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Orissa: The Land Of Temples

A Temple in Orissa

Bengaluru, Jan 28 (UITV) - Bhubaneswar the capital city of Indian state Odisha (Orissa) is also popular with the name Temple City Odisha because here at this geographical location thousands of temples of Hindu gods & goddesses are present from ancient times. In this city, you can able to find a temple in each street, especially the old Bhubaneswar area. Most of the Hindu goddesses and gods for example lord Shiva, Vishnu, Ram, Ganesh, Hanuman and goddess temples like Maa Laxmi, Saraswati, Kali temple, Sri Jagannath Temple (Sabara Srikhetra of Koraput), etc are present in different situations of Bhubaneswar. Most of the tourist both domestic & international loves this city’s temples and prefer a temples tour package in Odisha.

Like this city, Bhubaneswar creates a unique identity as a holy city or more specifically temples city, so it’s become an important religious tourist destination in Odisha (Orissa). Every day thousands of devotees of Hindu and Jain religion coming to Bhubaneswar and experiencing the religious environment of this city. Odisha Tourism makes available very special and exciting temples tour packages for tourist, within which tourist gets an opportunity to comfortably visit vivid old glorious Temple City Odisha. Excellently delicious food of Odisha and other cuisine are served to tourists during their tour package. Odisha Tourism offers tourists very luxurious hotels for accommodation those hotels are fully decorated with modern facilities.

Excellent quality vehicles that are very luxurious as well as comfortable for traveling is provided to travel from one temple to another during the temples tour packages in Bhubaneswar. A friendly and well-mannered tour guide helps you during the complete tour; he takes care of you and your family perfectly during the tour period. Because of these above reasons, Bhubaneswar temples tour packages become very popular and people around the globe willing to explore this beautiful temple city Bhubaneswar.