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A Pakistani Man kills an Indian: It is a complete Shocker

Representation picture of a man being held by Police

UITV/ DEC 29. The agility of the Saudi Police is immaculate. They held a man who killed an Indian shopkeeper within 12 hours after the murder.

The police were later shocked to find out that both were Immigrants to Saudi Arabia and the man who was killed was an Indian and the man who killed him was a Pakistani. Further Investigation is under-way, where the police is trying to find out the route cause for this murder action by the Pakistani man.

Understanding the deep rooted concerns between India and Pakistan, the Saudi policehas not escalated the matter and have informed the respective embassies about this issue. To dig in deep, Sharjah police arrested the 42-year-old Pakistani man from an undisclosed location and said he killed Mohammed Ali over a financial dispute, Khaleej Times reported. 

Ali, who was from the Indian state of Kerala, was found in a pool of blood with multiple wounds in Majestic Supermarket in Maysaloon area on Tuesday. More details of the investigation will be disclosed by the respective Indian and Pakistani Embassies.