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Parashar Lake: The heaven in Himachal Pradesh

Parashar Lake

Most of us are not aware of this absolutely stunning place.

Parashar lake lies 49kms from Mandi, Himachal Pradesh with a three storied pagoda-like temple dedicated to the sage Prashar.

Coming to best part.

During summer, it looks like:

Beginning of Winter:

At the dawn of winter, the scenery is amazing and looks so beautiful that, you need to have a companion after the visit, to tell a story about. And I guarantee that the you will be short of words.

During Winter:

The following image is the glimpse of the peacefulness in the winter morning. The cool breeze in the wind, the rich oxygen is the air. Well you got to feel it on your own instead of me,  talking about it.

Stunning! Isn’t it ?

The ride to the place (by a car) is too bumpy, especially the last few kilometers (approx. 14 km) but when you see the place, it gives you a feeling of achievement of victory.

Parashar lake is still untouched, soulful yet underrated!

PS: Well, we have a plan for November this year. Hopefully, if everything moves as planned, we are going to hit this place :)

Here is the link that you were waiting for. “The gateway to heaven”