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Pavan Amara, helps rape victims reclaim their bodies and regain self-respect

Pavan Amara

London, June 22 (UITV)- It is very hard to imagine what goes through the mind of the woman after she suffered from sexual violence. An inability to look at you in the mirror and a debilitating tension has been described by victims as some of the life-changing consequences.

Pavan Amara, whose family comes from Kultan, near Amritsar, had suffered similarly. She was raped as a teenager. She decided to reach out and help rape victims, reclaim their bodies. In 2014, a student nurse in London set up the “My Body Back project.”

Amara found that many victims stopped visiting doctors because they were not able to let anyone touch them. With the My Body Back project, Amara has created services for them to access healthcare.

Amara will also run the first maternity clinic for rape survivors. She explains that in the clinic, women will be in control, using first session to specify body positions and phrases they are not comfortable with, and have the option to self-test kits to avoid being touched.

Additionally, a large number of those seeking help or reaching out are Indian, “We have had a surprising number of emails from India since we started our project. Not only for women wanting to use our services, but also from Indian men congratulating us on starting the service,” Amara said.

The evidence is clear for why such an establishment is necessary, “Worldwide, the World Health Organisation estimates 1 in 3 women have experienced sexual violence. It’s so common, and the very least that can be done is provision for proper services.” she added.