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Please leave said the Indian man: US Police caught him as terrorist

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It is in the khalistan movement. A man was caught in the US for allegedly supporting the terrorists from the US to do some terror work in India. He was providing materials and resources to the terrorists.

His name is Balwinder Singh and he has been pleading in front of the US court for mercy for the crime that he has committed. He is basically from Nevada in US. The court has captured him because of committing crime, in fact funding the people, who cause use those resources and materials to carryout terrorist attacks overseas.

The court did not care about the questions like “Was he intending to do it?” “Did he do it accidently?”. Naah they never cared about such decision.

The US court judge said that identify and thwarting the individuals who commit heinous crime was the main priority for the department of Justice in US.

He is facing statutory stay in prison for 15 years  but he has taken an asylum from the San Francisco court   on Frb 27, 2016.

The real crime of Balwinder was that he contacted co-conspires over telephone and gavethem the material and fund support to travel in South Asia. The money and the materials were given to carry out a overseas attack.

His track record and history is very bleak. Balwinder and his co-cons planned to go to India and maim a Indian government official or in fact went up to the extent of killing him.

The story continues, when the co-conspires wanted to board a flight to Thailand from San Fransisco international Airport. But he was stopped by the officials.

So, the planned attack by Balwinder and his co-conspirers was never executed.

Hope he is facing the right charges now!.

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