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PM Theresa May will invest In Bengaluru – Modi nods his head!

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and British PM Theresa May

“As a fast-growing, liberalizing economy to which we have historic links, it represents an opportunity we now have the power to seize”

Theresa May lands in national capital for 3 day visit. This is her first bilateral visit to the subcontinent after she became the Prime-Minister. She also said that India is the most important strategic partner for UK.

She will hold talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and review all aspects of the India-UK Strategic Partnership. The Joint Economic and Trade Committee (JETCO) meeting will be held on the sidelines of the visit.

British PM Theresa May

She says “India is a key strategic partner with the UK” and she is pleased to be taking a number of businesses with her which includes small and medium size businesses.

Mrs. May will be holding talks to with PM Modi on a lunch table in Delhi and then she will be traveling to Bangalore to expand her business that she has brought from UK.

She humoursly said in UK-India tech summit that” she is looking forward to India-England test series that is going to start on Wednesday in Gujurat”

She specifies significantly that if countries move along with the technology and economy, they will stagnate. Creating new technologies and running alongside with growing economies is very important.

Today, British is exporting so much to India, in terms of  ideas, technology and automobile. Indeed she is looking forward to visiting Bengaluru, which is the start-up capital of the country.

Talking about start-ups, she emphasized on Kanau, ehich is using its unique technology to teach children to code in UK schools. Another called tolenser, which works in the field of smart street lighting and they will play a role in India’s drive for urban renewal.

Her main focus is to break down barriers and make the pavements to happen easily. And also UK will co-operate with the India’s aim of smart cities and projects.

During her tenure as the Home secretary, she made the Visa process for Indians more easy and it is the only country where one can get visa in a single day.


Modi was all prepared to address the summit with the technical details

PM Modi made a point on the celebration of Diwali festival in UK by the Indian Diaspora. He adds on by saying that today world is at a inflection point, where the crux is technological advancement.

India is the largest growing fast economy with a investment friendly climate. India is the third largest investor in UK and UK is the largest G-20 investor in India. Both the countries are driven by high quality and highly competent research partnerships.

Newton-Bhabha mission will go further in strengthen in developing research in basic science and help in solving societal problems.

India has agreed to establish a new R&D centre on solar energy with a joint investment of 10 million pounds. A joint investment of 15 million pounds in the research field microbial science is also been launched.

Both countries togetherly can harness:

  • Traditional Knowledge
  • Modern scientific investigation for preventive healthcare
  • GIT and CII initiatives
  • Affordable healthcare clean technology
  • Advance manufacturing

UK can benefit from the effluent FDI policies in defense, manufacturing, aerospace and electronics engineering.

PM modi understands that UK companies have signed businesses worth 9 billion pounds and spire for more participation.

Today, India and UK has emerged as the top 3 start up hubs as technologists and innovators. Together the countries can create a vibrant and thriving environment with break-through technologies

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On the concluding note, both countries are working to convert scientific knowledge into technology based enterprises.