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Pravind Jugnauth calls on Indian ministers Arun Jaitley and Kalraj Mishra

Finance Minister of Mauritius, Pravind Jugnauth and Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley

New Delhi, Sep 16 (UITV)- Finance Minister of Mauritius, Pravind Jugnauth, who is currently in India, met Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and Union Minister for Small and Medium Enterprises (MESM), Kalraj Mishra, on Thursday in New Delhi.

Kalraj Mishra discussed possible areas of bilateral cooperation with Finance Minister Pravind Jugnauth and team of delegates from Mauritius.

Relations with Mauritius is high on the agenda of Modi government, said Kalraj Mishra, adding that his ministry will work towards establishing Tool Rooms and Technology Centers to help skill people in specific sectors.

As Mauritius sought India’s assistance to develop its handloom and handicraft sectors, outlining the potential areas of bilateral cooperation, Pravind Jugnauth said, “We seek India’s assistance to develop handloom and handicraft sectors in Mauritius”, highlighting other possible areas like tourism and aquaculture between the neighboring countries.

Senior officers from MSME ministry discussed a range of issues of bilateral cooperation with the Mauritius delegation.

Mishra said the micro, small and medium enterprises sector in Mauritius has “great potential” for skill development and job creation, directing the ministry officials to make actionable points based on this interaction and work towards taking this bilateral cooperation to fruition.