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President Barack Obama nominates Indian-origin woman as ambassador to Malaysia

US President Barack Obama

Washington, June 22 (UITV)- US President Barack Obama has announced his intention to nominate Indian-origin diplomat Kamala Shirin Lakhdair as the next American ambassador to Malaysia. If confirmed by the Senate, Kamala, a Harvard graduate who once served in Indonesia, will replace current ambassador Joseph Y Yun, who has held the position since October 2013.

Nomination to Kamala, a career member of the Foreign Service Class of Counselor who was Executive Assistant to the Under Secretary of State for Political Affair from 2011 to 2015, was announced by the White House along with several other key administration appointments.

Kamala’s father Noor Lakhdair was born in Mumbai in mid 1920s. He studied in the US and later settled there. Kamala also received a BA from Harvard College and an MS from the National War College.

Lakhdair served as the US Consul General in Belfast, Northern Ireland from 2009 – 2011. Prior to that she worked in the Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs as the director of the office of Maritime Southeast Asia from 2007 – 2009, and as a political officer at the US Embassy in Beijing, China.

“I am confident that these experienced and hardworking individuals will help us tackle the important challenges facing America, and I am grateful for their service. I look forward to working with them,” Obama said.

Kamala joined the Foreign Service in 1991, and has also served as a political officer in Indonesia and as consular officer in Saudi Arabia.