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Prime Minister of India becomes the first head to congratulate Pravind Jugnauth, the new Prime Minister of Mauritius

The relationship between Indian and Mauritius is a lind standing one

Mauritius. Jan 24. UITV. The two men had a telephone conversation shortly after the swearing in of Jugnauth as prime minister. Narendra Modi congratulated his Mauritian counterpart, inviting him in stride to visit India, according to the press service of the head of government.

During their conversation, Jugnauth and Narendra Modi reiterated their "  shared commitment to further Top Strengthen the time-tested and unique relationship" between the two countries, writes the minister's office premium Indian on his Twitter account.

Narendra Modi has not, either, missed greet '  leadership and contribution  "Sir Anerood Jugnauth in strengthening the bonds of friendship between the two countries.



Mauritus and India have a long way to go in futhering ther trade and international relations