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Prime Minister may visit US in June or July

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expecting his US tour in June or July

New Delhi, May 4 (UITV)- Prime Minister Narendra Modi may visit United States in June or July this year. It would be his first US tour in President Donald Trump’s administration.

According to the Prime Minister’s official source, Modi will be busy on his foreign tours from next week as he will be going to Sri Lanka. After that there is another trip to Germany on 30th May for inter-governmental consultations, followed by a bilateral trip to Spain on 31st May and Russia on 1st June. The Russia trip will be three days trip of the Indian Prime Minister.  Between June 7 to 9, Modi will be in Astana for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit.  So it will not be possible for the Prime Minister to visit US before mid of June.

US President Donald Trump

Indian and American officials are already working on the schedule of Modi’s US tour. In this US tour of Narendra Modi would be very much important for India. Change of H-1B Visa could be the main attraction of this trip. Cross-border terror and expansion of defence tie will be prominent in the picture. The current situation in LoC will be another strong agenda of Modi in this tour.

Narendra Modi with former US President Barak Obama in 2016

This would be Prime Minister Modi’s fifth trip to United State but yes first in Trump’s presidency. US President had twice invited Prime Minister Narendra Modi to visit Unite States. Modi visited US twice last year due to a bilateral agreement when Barak Obama was the president of the country.  

Written by Ujjainee Chakraborty