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Prime Minister Modi To Strengthen The Defense Technology Ties With Israel

Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to India last month

Tel Aviv, May 24 (Uitv) - Prime Minister Narendra Modi would be the first Indian Head of the Government to visit Israel. In his two-day visit starting July 5, the PM will visit Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, during the course of which India and Israel are slated to sign agreements on defense, agriculture, water conservation and innovation/start-ups.

The microbiologist who is said to have created the ‘Madison Square’ template for Modi’s foreign trips says that UPA may have kept India’s relationship with Israel under the radar due to vote bank politics.

PM Modi would be the first head of the government to visit Israel. This comes almost 25 years after India established diplomatic ties with Israel.

The ties between the countries have  improved even during Vajpayee era when Areal Sheron became the first Israeli Prime Minister to visit India.

India values its relationship with the Arab countries, but equal weight-age to Israeli partnership is given. India has had close ties with Israel in many areas, including defence.

On the issue of de-hyphenating our relations with Palestine, supported the cause of Palestine, but a partnership with Israel has many dimensions.

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas was recently in New Delhi and the relationship will prosper for a long time.

Prime Minister Modi has visited nearly all major Arab countries. Both Saudi Arabia and Iran gave their highest civilian awards to our Prime Minister. The UAE Crown Prince was the chief guest at our Republic Day function this year.

Indian student in Tel Aviv University, Israel


Government to government interactions between India and Israel must prosper and then people to people interaction must go forward.

And also the web of interactions that take place and there is no one to one correlation; or one to one diplomacy.

Indian Prime Minister and the Indian Diaspora in Israel

The convention has been planned for which registrations have are already open. This would be held in Tel Aviv on July 5, 2017. Prime Minister will address the Indian diaspora after a cultural program.

Pm Modi has always been cordial with the Israeli prime minister and his government

There are about 80-90 thousand Jews who have migrated from India since Independence from areas around Mumbai, Cochin and recently from the North East. Some of these communities have preserved their cultural moorings. For example, some of the Jews from Mumbai speak Marathi and celebrate Ganesh Utsav.

Then there are 8,000-10,000 nurses from Kerala who work for elderly care. About 500 students from India study in Israeli universities. And about 30-40 Gujarati families in trading in diamonds live in Israel.