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Prospective students are denying US as an option for education. Find out how?

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A girl in Delhi, (not to be named) was a student who was preparing for her GMAT, now has dropped her plans for her MBA in US. When asked her the reason on why she changed her mind on going to the US for her post-graduation, she said she will pursue her masters somewhere else other than US.

Even her mom was of the support of her daughter’s decision. The question then ponders, why are such decisions still flourishing? She is one of the million students who are now opting out to study in the US.

Is Donald Trump the reason? Are we seeing a new UK visa scandal happening in the US?

Similarly, a software working professional working in Bangalore in a Multi National Company, wants to pursue MBA in US. But now his plans has changed, fearing the H1-B visa that won’t be available and he would be jobless if he finishes his MBA in US.

A question he also raised, “Why should I spend $150,000 and two years of my life which will not give me any real benefits?

It is not a reaction that happened suddenly. Slowly the thinking of the people are changing when the rhetoric idea of Don Trump changed the way the prospective students are thinking on the US education part.

Are the Americans leaving the skilled Indians, who can of great benefit to the growth of US economy? Are the people of US digging their own grave?

Even American agrees to the point that the jobs are running away from the fellow countrymen, that is why they voted to Trump who promised to bring back jobs back to America.

There is no extremity that need to follow. The strategy must be in such a way that they need to strike a balance between the rhetoric idea of Trump and the retaining the skilled works back in the US, which will in-turn contribute for their country.

Prospective US Education debacle

Admission consultants say that parents and students are in phase of confusion and have started to have second thoughts.

Some parents fear that spending 1.5 crore on US education is worth or not? As there will be a cancellation of H1B visas. This will be a high risk proposition.

A Muslim’s son studying 12th,  in a top IB school in Mumbai has applied to the top Ivy league universities in the US. Now his parents fear of rejection of his application because of the anti-minority agenda held up by Trump.

The KPMG head for educational and skill development said “Most students want to go abroad and get a job and work for few years there. If there is uncertainty in the US education market for that then what happened in the UK will be certain for US universities as well”

Do you see a large population of Indian students  in UK? No right! The reason – Visas debarring by the UK Government.

Now it’s the turn of Trump’s government in the US. Is they cancel H1B visas, they the percentage of people going to US will reduce. Loss for US or India? Well, there are directives to this.

The money and stay problem in US

Around 15.9% of the international student community in the US is filled by Indians. Now students in India are being cautious on their future US education.

Because they feel they may not be allowed to stay back after their education and work there. Parents are felling skeptical on the issue of making online payment in April for the fall program in September 2017.

Many parents and students won’t pay the fee until they see Trump’s immigration policy, when he comes to the White House.

Is this a fall for the US skill  and education maket? The educational consultant are suggesting the students to have other universities in other countries as back-up options.

How is University of Tokyo, Japan papa? Asked 11th student from Bangalore, who is interested in math and computing

Yes Japan, you’re on (As a back-up).

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