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Protesting by one largest communities in UK of Abused Indian Women in London

Teh women who was abused by her spouse, is on a protest in London

London. JAN 5/UITV. One of Britain’s largest Indian community organizations held an unusual protest recently at Piccadilly Circus aimed at highlighting the plight of migrant Indian women in the UK who are abused and exploited by their spouses.

Members of Indian Ladies in UK (ILUK) – a 14,000-strong women’s group made up of first generation female migrants from across India – braved the December cold to become “homeless” for one night, sleeping rough on the frigid streets of London on December 23.

The protests came after another year during which ILUK has helped dozens of young women from across India who have fallen victims to abusive partners.

Among those participating in the protest is one woman – originally from Gujarat - whose British-Indian husband took her to India in mid 2016 only to abandon her and kidnap her children and take them to his parent’s home in Madagascar.

The woman – who asked that she be identified only as “C” – was left stranded in Delhi without money or her travel documents. She soon made contact with ILUK which helped organize a passport and an airline ticket back to Britain where she is currently pursuing legal action against her husband and his family.

ILUK and its members have also organized accommodation and counselling for her as well as representing her in court.

Another woman, “S” from Hyderabad, returned to London in October after a visit to India to find that she had been locked out of her home by her IT executive-husband who claimed that he had obtained a divorce through the so-called “triple talaq” system of Islamic divorce which is not recognized in the UK or India.

She was left homeless before she made contact with ILUK who organized help for her.

Teh advertisement hording on the streets of hordings easily signifies the plight in which the Husbands are abusing their wives.

Many of the victims often have little knowledge about how to find help in what is, for many, a largely alien country and are often turned away by police and local councils with the excuse that they have “no recourse to public funds” – a reference to their residency status in the UK.

About ILUK: Founded in August 2015, the Indian Ladies in UK (ILUK) group was created with the intention of providing a Social Media platform for first generation migrant women from India to connect, network interact with each other. And above all to empower them.

The Indians are catching the world’s eye with the news basically on the Women and their harassment and molestation. Are we Indians or the government doing something to raise the issue and protect our women and give them the assurance of the safety.

As the first Pm of Indian, Nehru said “The development of the country is decided by the way the country handles its women”