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Rajen Bablee welcomes government’s strategy against corruption

Rajen Bablee

Port Luis, July 3 (UITV):  Mauritius is aiming to make the country clean from corruption. The government has already sets a target to fight against corruption as much as possible. The executive director of Transparency Mauritius, Rajen Bablee welcomes the government’s decision.


In an interview Bablee told “several scandals are undermining the mandate of the government and if these is a will to promote good governance. One should not forgot that the underlying elements of a Good Government are transparency, accountability, excitability and inclusiveness among others. We hope that by the end of its mandate, this government would show that it has met with the promises.”

Mauritian Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth has made a road to corruption free Mauritius

The Government of Mauritius has been set a three-years of strategic plan(2017/18-2019/20), which mentioned that the principle of good governance, ethics, transiency and accountability will be uphold across all public institution.” Not only that, in 2015, Mauritian government also mentions that committed to conducting business on the principles of discipline, transparency, accountability and exemplary governance.


According to the 2016 corruption perception index, three countries are at 24th with the score of 66. the name of those countries are Chile, United Arab Emirates and Bahamas. Botswana is the first African country who took the 35th place with the score of 60, whereas Mauritius is in 50th place with 54.

Written by Ujjainee Chakraborty