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Rapid growth of Indian tourists in UAE

UAE is increasing its tourism market

Dubai, April 29 (UITV): UAE is expecting a rapid growth of Indian travellers in 2017. According to InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG), UAE is an important destination for India travellers.  

IHG report shows that its business from Indian travellers to the Middle East jumped by 24% in UAE’s room night year to Date (YTD).

“We have seen some headwinds in the Middle East in the last year, however the region remains dynamic and fundamentals for the hotel industry here are strongly, particularly in the UAE. From a mid- and long term perspective, the major cities of the Middle East will continue to grow as business hubs and tourist destinations. We remain strong in over outlook towards the Middle East in general, while the UAE remains a key market for us”, told James Britchford, the Vice president of Sales and Marketing of IHG (India, Meddle East, Africa).

James Britchford, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing of IHG (India, Meddle East, Africa)

“Ultimately, China and India represent the largest source of tourism markets in the world. We have seen an increase in MICE travel from China, particularly to the UAE, which had bolstered the need for growth across several of our brands; we are also seeing Chines travellers engage in more long- hau travel, as well as increased engagement with luxury hospitality. These trends are similar for Indian travellers as well” he added.   

Crown Plaza, one of the fine luxury ING property in Dubai

IHG is a British multinational hotel company, which operates over 5,028 hotels of 10 brands across nearly 100 countries in the world.

Written by Ujjainee Chakraborty