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Redefining the engagement with the Indian Diaspora: Youth Pravasi Bharatiya Divas 2017

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UITV/ DEC 30. The Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (PBD) 2017 would have a special focus on youth with the Youth PBD that is to be held at Bengaluru on January 7 to 9 just before the start of the biennial Pravasi Bharatiya Divas.

The Youth PBD will have its own special guest, the youthful Vice President of Suriname, Michael Ashwin Satyandre Adhin.

The inaugural address at the session will be given by chief guest together with Minister of State for Youth Affairs and Sports Vijay Goel.

In the new revamped Pravasi Bharatiya Divas, the Youth PBD is a day-long event to engage with the new generation of Pravasis (overseas Indians).

The Indian government considers youth as the major asset and the youth programme is aimed at renewing the India connection among the younger generation of Pravasi Indians.

History about the Chief Guest, Adin of Suriname

Ashwin Adhin is a Suriname politician of the younger generation. A member of the National Democratic Party, he was Minister of Education in the cabinet of President Desi Bouterse. He was elected to the National Assembly in 2015 from the district of Parimariboo, the capital of Suriname.

He was then elected by the National Assembly to the post of Vice President, for a period of five years. Adhin,

The Chief Guest is only 36 and is the youngest leader to hold the second highest position in Suriname.

About Suriname and Its Indian Diaspora

Suriname on the South American coast is culturally close the Caribbean and has an ethnically diverse population of about half a million, of whom about 37 percent are of Indian descent.

The ethnic Indians are fourth or fifth descendents of Indian migrants who went to work on Suriname’s plantations when it was a Dutch colony.

Many Surinamese of Indian descent speak Hindustani or a dialect known as Sarnami. Suriname has several Hindi publications and radio stations that broadcast in Hindi.

The new motto in 2017's edition of Pravsi Bharatiya Divas

The theme of the Youth PBD 2017 is on ‘Redefining the engagement with the Indian Diaspora’. The youth programme in 2015 had focused on ‘connecting, celebrating and contributing’ which included connecting to the motherland, celebrating pride in its history and civilization and contributing to transforming India.

The 2017 meeting will have a more focused agenda that will deal with problems faced by Indian students abroad, problems faced by overseas Indian students in India and startups and innovation which have a social impact in India. It will also discuss the existing schemes and programmes run by the Indian government for diaspora youth such as the ‘Know India Programme’, the scholarship scheme and the ‘Bharat Ko Janno’ quiz.

Under the Know India Programme (KIP), young overseas Indians travel through India and familiarise themselves with different aspects of the country. The programme is designed to help diaspora youth discover India, know more about their roots and learn about India’s rich traditions, art and culture as well as contemporary life in India.

Four groups of 40 Pravasi youth each, who have been on a visit to different states of India, will attend the Youth PBD in Bengaluru on January 7 to 9th, 2017.

Scholarships to diaspora students have gone up to 150 this year. A new feature of the Indian government run scholarship programme is that 50 scholarships will be granted to children of Indian workers in the Gulf region.

The entire team at Ministry of External Affairs who are working on Pravasi Bharatiya Divas are in the following picture:

Indian Diaspora is No.1 in the world Diaspora percentage. And the Govt of India is planning to make it as its Soft Power.