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Reel to Real: Heroes who outshined by helping people with their relief efforts in crisis

Vikas Khanna along with Sonu Sood join hands in rescuing stranded workers, Ajay donates for quarantine centre

Mumbai, June 01 (UITV): Actor Sonu Sood has been out there, helping migrants and those less privileged. He has arranged food for daily wage labourers and is also helping them reach their villages in the middle of the ongoing lockdown in the wake of coronavirus pandemic. Celebrity chef Vikas Khanna is the latest one to be impressed with Sonu’s dedication and he has now named a dish after the actor’s native village, Moga.

UPDATE-May 31st
As Sun rises over India as continue to #FeedIndia
1. Meals-fruits-water to Shramik Special Trains cont.
2. Total number of FuelStation to FoodStation in UP-MH is 55
3. Sanitary Pads distributed in 10 cities
4.Deliveries Old-Age Homes, Orphanages&Leprosy Centers pic.twitter.com/pagOgYPY9M

An overwhelmed Sonu was quick to respond humbly and wrote, “Bhaiiiiii. Now this is SOMETHING, the most special thing I heard today. Love u man for all the great work ur doing . U inspire n yes... can’t wait to taste “MOGA” made by THE WORLD’s BEST CHEF Trophy my home town MOGA will be proud today.”

Sonu has been feeding more than 45,000 people every day in Andheri, Juhu, Jogeshwari and Bandra. “Some of us are blessed to have food and shelter in these tough times, but there are many who have not had meals in days. To help them, I’ve started a special food and ration drive, Shakti Annadanam, which is named after my father. I hope I am able to help as many people as possible,” he had said.

Thank you so much sir. You inspire us to work hard and come forward to help everyone who’s been hit by this pandemic. I promise to make you proud.  #IndiaFightsCoronavirus https://t.co/EHiti1L4Yn

While Sonu Sood is sending the migrants back home, chef Vikas is ensuring that they get fed from time to time. And in fact, Vikas Khanna has reached a 7 million mark already which means that humanity is still alive and we have our heroes chipping in to save the country from its ultimate doom in pandaemic times.

We salute your noble deeds @SonuSood Ji . Even words are not enough to describe your help to the helpless during this #CoronaPandemic time. My SandArt at Puri beach in Odisha with Respect and Gratitude  pic.twitter.com/DFoLzS4wvc

Because in the past few weeks and months, Sood has emerged as a real-life hero. The actor has been on the ground, helping hundreds and thousands of migrant workers and labourers stuck in different parts of the country owing to the lockdown. Sood has given his foremost efforts in ensuring that stranded people reach their homes. He's arranged for multiple private buses for them. He even booked aircraft to assist the distressed. The actor who calls the stranded persons his "brothers" and "sisters", has dealt with the unique situation with equal zeal and humour despite his WhatsApp notifications going bonkers by the day. Sonu's popularity has even beaten his Co-star Salman Khan's popularity according to google trends.

The actor has been arranging buses and tickets for migrants wishing to go back to their native villages. Several fans have been thanking him online for the same. He has even been lending a helping hand to all those reaching out on Twitter and responding to their calls with arrangements of tickets and/or buses for their way back home.

While 'Singham' Actor Ajay Devgn has paid through Ajay Devgn Films Foundation for oxygen cylinders and ventilators that will be used in a makeshift quarantine facility in the heart of Mumbai’s Dharavi. The overcrowded locality, often described as Asia’s largest slum, has proven to be a challenge for authorities working to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

The 200-bed facility, constructed in 15 days, will house four doctors, 12 nurses and 20 ward attendants. The facility will only be used for Covid-19 patients, except those that are very critical. Earlier, the actor had also praised Sonu Sood for his extreme humanitarian efforts.